Review: Olivia and the Pet Project

The Basics

Title: Olivia and the Pet Project
Author: Adapted by Lauren Forte; Screenplay by Matt Negrete
ISBN: 9781481428965
Copyright Date: 2015
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Reader Brand: Ready to Read
Level: Level One Star Reader!
Series: (Olivia and Her Ducklings, Olivia and the Kite Party, Olivia and the Rain Dance, Olivia and the Snow Day, Olivia Becomes a Vet, Olivia Builds a House, Olivia Goes Camping, Olivia Measures Up, Olivia Plants a Garden, Olivia Plays Soccer, Olivia Takes a Trip, Olivia Trains Her Cat)


Olivia’s dog Perry is misbehaving. When Olivia’s friend refuses to play with her and Perry until Perry is better trained, Olivia opens up a dog charm school.

For a book adapted from a screenplay, it makes a pretty good reader. The text is large and has two to three sentences per page which is on par for a Level One reader. I do think that the full color background on each page was distracting to the text in a couple of page spreads.

While the readers are not nearly as charming as the picture books, Olivia’s fans will definitely follow her into the beginning readers.

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