Publishers & Brands

Later on down the line, I’ll be writing an in-depth study of each beginning reader brand, including more houses and small publishers. But for now, links to each of the big five/six:

I Can Read!: HarperCollins

My overview: The “I Can Read” brand began in 1957 with the publication of Else Holmelund Minarik’s Little Bear. For over fifty years, the “I Can Read” brand has published favorite friends and series from Amelia Bedelia to Pete the Cat.

My Readers: Macmillan

Passport to Reading: Little, Brown Young Readers (Hachette)

Penguin Young Readers: Penguin/Random House

Ready to Read: Simon & Schuester

My overview: After extension research on Simon and Schuster’s business website and the Ready to Read website, I still have no idea when the brand was created. The very first Henry and Mudge book published in 1987 has the Ready to Read Level 2 on its cover, which is the earliest S&S series that I know of. … The most recent re-boot of the “Ready to Read” brand occurred in 2011, with the star levels being introduced.

Step Into Reading: Penguin/Random House

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