Review: Splash

The Basics

Title: Splash
Author: Kallie George
ISBN: 9781927018774
Copyright Date: 2015
Publisher: Simply Read Books
Reader Brand: N/A
Level: N/A
Series: TinyTails (Spark, Flare)


Splash is a sea serpent and she’s supposed to be sneaky. But every time she’s in the water, she can’t help splashing her tail! Can Grampa teach her to be quiet?

The text is mostly set against a white background making it easy for beginning readers to read (the last page spread changes to be on light blue with enough contrast to see). Illustrations appear in every page spread to support the story. Illustrations are done by Geneviève Côté. The book is divided into four chapters that tell a continuous story. A table of contents can be found on page one. Overall, the text is comprised of one or two syllable words. Many of the words have blended sounds (twitched, splished, splashed, sneaky, shush, shadows, swam/swim, float, etc.) which makes me want to give this to a more confident beginning reader.

There isn’t a lot of fantasy books available for beginning readers. This is a great series to know about to help fulfill the fantasy requirement if your patrons come in with a genre list for beginning readers. (Yes, ours do!) Also great potential to use as a book to talk about quiet vs. loud with a child.

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