On the Radar: Growing Minds: November/December

“On the Radar” is a new feature when I plan to call attention to readers reviewed in major publications.

Growing Minds (November/December 2015)


Across the Sea by Ruth Homberg
Daniel Get Scared by Maggie Testa
Big Dinosaur, Little Dinosaur by Melissa Lagonegro
Doozers Have Green Thumbs by Cordelia Evans
I Can Be a Farm Vet by Apple Jordan
The Knight Night Guard by Amy Sky Koster
Loose Tooth! by Julianne Moore
Make a Trade, Charlie Brown by Charles M. Schulz
Moo Bird by David Milgrim
Rock Star by Ree Drummond
Sealed With a Kick by Maggie Testa
Sonia Sotomayor by Barbara Kramer
The Sugary Secrets Behind Candy by Ellie O’Ryan
Take a Hike, Teddy Roosevelt! by Frank Murphy
Together in All Weather by Grace Lin

All titles were mentioned; none were reviewed.

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