On the Radar: Growing Minds (October)

“On the Radar” is a new feature when I plan to call attention to readers reviewed in major publications.

Growing Minds (October 2015)


Pinkalicious and the Sick Day by Victoria Kann (was in picture books)
Tale of a Tadpole by Karen Wallace
Fishy Tales by DK
The 4-1-1 on Phonics! by Kama Einhorn
Hooray for Reading! by Patricia Hall
I Can Help! by Peggy Perry Anderson
I Really Like Slop by Mo Willems
Miss Bindergarten and the Really Wet Day by Joseph Slate
Old Friends, New Friends by Patricia Hall
Out to Lunch by Peggy Perry Anderson
Pig-Piggy-Pigs by Bonnie Bader
Twice the Mice by Rob Scotton

All of these titles were in the Early Reader section of Growing Minds. None of the titles received reviews.

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