Booklist: My First Readers

This fall, I updated and created new Beginning Reader booklists. Some were topics that we’ve had before (Phonics, Animals) and others were entirely new topics (Diversity, Classics). I created the booklist using Publisher and a template that I’m very familiar with since I also use it for my programming handouts. So far, they’ve been well received by the patrons! I thought it would be a good idea to list out the books that I chose for each topic.


My First Readers
Beginning reader books for those just starting to read.

  • Max Has a Fish by Wiley Blevins*
  • Biscuit by Alyssa Capucilli*
  • Aaron is Cool by P.D. Eastman*
  • Clara and Clem Under the Sea by Ethan Long*
  • Tiny Goes Camping by Cari Meister*
  • Brownie & Pearl by Cynthia Rylant*
  • Mittens by Lola Schaefer*
  • Tug the Pup by Julie Wood*
  • (*Indicates more books in the series)

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