Review: Let’s Go Fishing & Let’s Have a Parade

The Basics

Title: Let’s Go Fishing! & Let’s Have a Parade!
Author: Erica Silverman
ISBN: 9780544106529 & 9780544106772
Copyright Date: 2015
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Reader Brand: Green Light Readers
Level: Level 2
Series: Lana’s World (Let’s Go Fishing!, Let’s Have a Parade!)


Lana wants to do something exciting, but her family isn’t quite ready to join in on the fun. But with a little imagination from Lana, soon everybody is up and moving along with Lana!

Both of the books follow a formulaic story — Lana wants to go fishing but her family is too busy doing their own things; Lana wants to have a parade but it’s raining and her family doesn’t want to get wet. Formulaic stories in a lot of fiction is frustrating, but not for a beginning reader! The repetitiveness of the story will only help beginning readers to recognize words and build their confidence.

The illustrations of Lana and her family are done in watercolors. There no concrete information about what race Lana’s family is and I think that a variety of kids could see themselves in Lana’s family. (I had hoped from the cover that Lana might be a Latina and while she does have a darker skin tone and dark hair, I can’t say for certain that Lana is Latina.) Judge for yourself in the book trailer!

As with all Green Light Readers, the Guided Reading level, Reading Recovery level, Interest level are printed on the back on the books. Overall, I think these are good readers to add to a collection and would recommend for purchase.

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