Review: Little Lucy

The Basics

Title: Little Lucy
Author: Ilene Cooper
ISBN: 9781448764334
Copyright Date: 2011
Publisher: Random House
Reader Brand: Step Into Reading
Level: Step 3 Reading On Your Own
Series: Little Lucy (Little Lucy Goes to School)


Lucy and her family go for a visit to the lake one day. But when Lucy’s family ties her leash to a tree, they never imagine that she would break free and have an adventure on her own. Can Lucy find her way back to her family?

This is a much longer reader and I really like the description that they use on the book: “Reading On Your Own, Grades 1-3. Is your child comfortable tackling new words? Does your child like to read on his or her own? It’s time for Step 3.” That’s a great help to both parents and librarians to judge whether or not the book is appropriate for a specific reader.

Lucy is a sweet character who can get into some mischief! Being a dog lover myself, I found it easy to sink into Lucy’s story and I look forward to reading more Lucy readers.

Recommended for libraries who need higher-level readers or libraries with lots of dog lovers!

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