Review: Loud Louie

The Basics

Title: Loud Louie
Author: Sheila Sweeny Higginson
ISBN: 9781423164562
Copyright Date: 2013
Publisher: Disney Press, Disney/Hyperion
Reader Brand: World of Reading
Level: Level Pre-1
Series: Doc McStuffins (All Stuffed Up, Blame It On the Rain, Brave Dragon, Brontosaurus Breath, Caught Blue-Handed, Starry Starry Night)


There are a lot of pluses with a beginning reader series based on a popular franchise. Children are already familiar with phrases (“Toys, go stuffed”) and words/names (Hallie, Stuffy, stethoscope, tweezers). Children are more motivated to read a new story with their favorite character.

There are reasons I really like Doc McStuffins as a franchise. Doc is a girl of color just being a little girl which is important in my diverse community. Doc is also a pioneer of STEAM! She’s using science and solving problems on her own without the help of an adult, although her mother (a doctor) is obviously a role model.

This beginning reader series has rebus pictures embedded in the text. Most of the words substituted are names for characters. I did find it a little bit strange that the word “bed” was one of the rebus words while harder words like telephone were not. (Also, telephone and cell phone were used interchangeably.)

All in all, I felt that this reader was a solid addition to the series. A definite purchase for communities with Doc fans.

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