Review: Meet the Dinotrux

The Basics

Title: Meet the Dinotrux
Author: Chris Gall
ISBN: 9780316400640
Copyright Date: 2015
Publisher: Little Brown and Company, Hachette Books
Reader Brand: Passport to Reading
Level: Level 1 Reading Together
Series: Dinotrux (Dinotrux Go to School)


The Dinotrux world (originally picture) has expanded to begin to include beginning readers! This second volume follows all the Dinotrux as they band together to create a bridge to visit one another. Dinosaurs and transportation — do I need to say anything more to get preschool boys to pick this series up?

At the beginning of the book, a “Guide to the Dinotrux” is printed that includes both pictures and phonetic pronunciations of the Dinotrux. This is great for beginning readers to work on sounding on the Dinotrux’s names even though fans of the picture books will likely be familiar with how they are pronounced. The text is definitely large enough for readers to feel comfortable. Most of the text is above the pictures, on a white background and I think that will also help beginning readers.

The storyline is fairly predictable, which is perfect for this age group. But I’m still going to agree with Passport to Reading‘s assessment that this book is a beginning reader best shared with an older sibling or parent. Recommended.

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