Welcome to Step Up Readers!

This whole project began when I realized how little beginning readers were covered in most major review publications and journals. In the last Kirkus that I read, only one beginning reader was listed and it was in the continuing series portion — it didn’t actually have a review!

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that I was not doing a good job of knowing the beginning readers as well as I do picture books. (Personally, I know YA better than beginning readers! But that’s all going to change with this blog!)

There’s also a lot of maintenance that I need to do with my library’s beginning reader collection. Just in going through the very first “Series to Know”, I discovered that we were missing five volumes that had been published between the time that the previous Early Literacy Librarian had left (November) and when I was able to order (May).

Our themed beginning reader booklists need to be updated; the section needs to be weeded; and obviously I need to make sure we aren’t missing any other gaps in series.

I also want to work on thinking about beginning readers critically since it’s my dream to one day serve on the Geisel Award. And the only way to do that is to start reading and writing out my thoughts.

So, join me on this beginning reader journey. I’ll be back tomorrow with the very first “Series to Know” installment, then a publisher break-down on Wednesday, and a review on Thursday to cap off the first week.

2 thoughts on “Launch!

  1. Thank You Katie for starting this! I just recently took over responsibility of our Beginning/Early Reader collection, and despite nearly 25 years “in the business” I don’t feel that well versed in the this area. I look forward to learning right along with you!


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